Friday, November 6, 2009


Vanessa was a woman with no direction
Everywhere she turned she felt rejection
Looking for love was her ambition
Doing things not cared to mention
A feeling in her heart she usually ignored
She did not care to know the Lord
She did not understand His ways
She didn't know He blessed her days
No one understood her fears
Of dying lonely in her years
But He saw her tears and felt her pain
Undirected she remained

Until one day she met a minister
Who came to her house just to visit her
He told her all about the One
God's only begotten Son
Who died on the cross to save all men
And on the third day He rose again
He took the keys to Hell and death
So in Him she will find rest

Vanessa never knew about the Christ
She made a choice to give Him her life
She found in Him no rejection
Now she experiences His love and affection
Through the city she tells the story
And give her new found love the glory


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