Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Ask Me Why?

I see your tears when you cry

and you ask the question why

Why do I experience the trials I go through?

O’ my Lord what did I do?

Did I deserve this hurt and pain?

Out of thiswhat will I gain?
My answer to you is eternal life

tears of sorrow will stop wave good-bye to strife

Waiting for you is a crown of glory

Your every tear will tell the story

the drops of them leaves a print in the sand

to lead the way for a troubled man

Your every tear led him to

the next step he must go through

the Holy Ghost leads

it’s the Me in you
This my child is the wisdom you pass on

to love Me, praise Me, and be strong

for I am with you every step of the way

to lead you to a brighter day

A day that is your eternal life

tears of sorrow is gone

wave good-bye to strife

A place that is beyond the sky

and you will not want to



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