Monday, August 10, 2009

Ceramic Face

Your eyes say the words your lips do not speak

Your expression is strong, but your smile is weak

I pray you will not grow weary in this race

Hiding behind your ceramic face
As you draw close He draws near

Let His love conquer your fear

And feel the voidance the emptiness inside

He knows your heart you cannot hide
Be true to yourself and Him too

Tell Him all that you go through
He care and knows about your problems

Give to Him He can solve them
For He loved you so much

He gave you His Son

So through Him you can be one

In this case you are complete

Get up from where you are and stand on your feet
He will guide and lead the way

Rooted and grounded you will stay

Be confident, focused, keep the pace

And let His love break through

The ceramic face


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