Friday, November 6, 2009

Acceptance with Joy

Blessed beyond measure
Blessed beyond my fears
Blessed beyond knowing
Blessed beyond tears
Blessed beyond stress
My courage is known
For I received my healing
Straight from the throne

For I have known heartbreak
And I've known pain
And I have gotten my face wet
Standing in the rain
I felt my joy was forgotten
And my life was a sigh
Then I remembered……
There is no more of I

Because of the simple fact that I am...

Blessed beyond measure
And again I say blessed beyond my fears
Blessed beyond knowing
Blessed beyond my tears
Blessed beyond stress
My courage is known
For I have received my healing
Straight from the throne

I remember when...

I remember when
lonliness kept me company
And my tears was the kiss I felt on my cheek
I remember when
Air only hugged me
And empty words were the words I would speak
I remember when
worthless thoughts filled my mind
And trust I kept far behind
And when I looked around for a friend
I found the world to be unkind
I thought that darkness was a blessing for it hid me from my fears
And hurt was the only companion I had through the years

Then YOU came into my life and change things
And gave me more to look for
And told me YOUR blessings where of sweet joy
And richess I had in store
I looked up and YOU dried my eyes
And YOU kissed me with YOUR love
YOU let me know I was not forgotten
And YOU kept the promises that YOU spoke of
Now I know what real love means
And everything YOU spoke is true
For as I came to love myself
I came to love more of YOU



Lord I did wrong
And I am sorrowful in these days
My heart is very heavy in so many ways
My tears stream down my face and collect under my chin in one submission
Cause of my disobedience and doings without your permission
For these things I did I do not feel whole
Lord I repent for my weary soul
I knew you once but what I do know I don't
Lord please forgive me
Because condemnation won't


I have made the way plain and gave you eyes to see
That everything you needed
Is found in me
Put your soul at rest for my Spirit in you is living
I the Lord am merciful
My child you are forgiven


Vanessa was a woman with no direction
Everywhere she turned she felt rejection
Looking for love was her ambition
Doing things not cared to mention
A feeling in her heart she usually ignored
She did not care to know the Lord
She did not understand His ways
She didn't know He blessed her days
No one understood her fears
Of dying lonely in her years
But He saw her tears and felt her pain
Undirected she remained

Until one day she met a minister
Who came to her house just to visit her
He told her all about the One
God's only begotten Son
Who died on the cross to save all men
And on the third day He rose again
He took the keys to Hell and death
So in Him she will find rest

Vanessa never knew about the Christ
She made a choice to give Him her life
She found in Him no rejection
Now she experiences His love and affection
Through the city she tells the story
And give her new found love the glory

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

By the time u read this !!!( Letter to the Devil)

By the time you read this I will not be bound
By the time you read this I will stand my ground
By the time you read this my mind is stayed
On the Word of God and I will not be afraid
By the time you read this all my sins will be gone
I get new mercy at the break of dawn
By the time you read this you will know my name
Not from the fortune
Nor from the fame
But for the times my testimony was raised
And when you came in I still gave HIM praise
By the time you read this I got my seventy times seven
Forgave myself and I'm on my way to heaven
By the time you read this I have already overcome
Not by anything I have done
But from the Man the number one
God's only begotten Son
See from the beginning my life was mapped out
God already knew what I was about
My rise, my falls, my success, my mistakes
And HE only knew what it would take
To make me out of who I am
Through the washing of the blood of the Lamb
So don't get mad because you had me on your list
'Cause I was always a conqueror by the time you read this


They say what goes up must come down and anything bad that can happen will
But I say believe in what u do not see and in the one that says peace be still

They say what goes around comes around this is equal to u reap what u sow
But I say treat others the way u want to be treated and the love of God you will show

They say nice guys finish last but this is not always the case
For the task is not given to the swift or the strong, but to the one who can endure the race

So the next time when u feel your failing and self pity is in your way
Look to the one who gives you victory and don't listen to a word that they say

2009 Tears of an Angel

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Ask Me Why?

I see your tears when you cry

and you ask the question why

Why do I experience the trials I go through?

O’ my Lord what did I do?

Did I deserve this hurt and pain?

Out of thiswhat will I gain?
My answer to you is eternal life

tears of sorrow will stop wave good-bye to strife

Waiting for you is a crown of glory

Your every tear will tell the story

the drops of them leaves a print in the sand

to lead the way for a troubled man

Your every tear led him to

the next step he must go through

the Holy Ghost leads

it’s the Me in you
This my child is the wisdom you pass on

to love Me, praise Me, and be strong

for I am with you every step of the way

to lead you to a brighter day

A day that is your eternal life

tears of sorrow is gone

wave good-bye to strife

A place that is beyond the sky

and you will not want to