Monday, August 10, 2009

Can I talk 2 U?

Can I talk 2 u?
Can I have your attention?
It's just a few words
that I have 2 mention
May I say these few things 2 U?
Can u listen 2 me until I am through?

I am that I am
I am all you will need
take me at my word
'cause in them I breathe
there is life in my word and its to u I speak
All my precious promises
please know I will keep

U mean more 2 me
than u will ever know
I sent my Spirit
so u may learn of me and grow
all nature screams my love
the singing birds in the air
the warm sun up above
the beautiful flowers
its sweet fragrant scents
all these things I created
Is just a hint a pattern of a place
I prepared for u
A gold crown adorned with jewels
awaits 4 u 2

All I ask 4 u 2 do
is show love one 2 another
compel men to come in
pray 4 your sister and brother
then and only then
will u learn of my grace
read my word and seek my face

I'm knocking at the door 2 your heart
waiting just 4 u
thank u 4 listening 2 me
until I was through


Blogger G Lucciano said...

It's true, its true.
Great post.

October 21, 2009 at 6:26 PM  

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